An Eco-friendly Solution

With Priority Conferencing, holding important business meetings is a whole lot easier. Rather than all converging on one physical location, Canadian audio conferencing allows associates to join in on the conversation or presentation from anywhere in the world. This not only saves money and time, it also eases the organizational nightmare of getting everybody in the same room at the same time.

Priority Conferencing makes the world a whole lot smaller by bringing everybody together at the touch of a button.

Just ONE Call Can Save You Thousands...
Here's How:

Below you will find a classic example of how other companies are saving by using Priority Conferencing.

Your Typical Business Trip

3-person meeting in Toronto with people from: Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto.
Duration: 24 hours minimum
Flight Cost: From Calgary to Toronto $325.00
Flight Cost: From Montreal to Toronto $265.00
Hotel Cost: 2 rooms, 1 night $450.00
Local Travel Cost: Taxis $175.00
Meal Cost: Meals $200.00
Miscellaneous Expenses: $100.00
Hidden Costs:

Flight delays
Employee travel fatigue
Needless use of fuel
Rigid scheduling

Total Cost: $1,515.00
Compare the cost of a trip
to a conference call with us.
3-person conference call connecting people in: Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto.
Each participant dials in using a toll-free number.
Duration: 43 minutes
Call Cost: 3 users x 15 cents/minute x 43 minutes $12.77
Total Cost: $12.77
Savings: $1,502.23
Hidden Savings:

Increased productivity
Better time management
Reduced stress
Flexible scheduling

Corporate Benefits

By signing on with Priority Conferencing, you're not just helping yourself, you're helping the planet. Nowadays, there's no denying the power of communication nor the necessity for top-of-the-line tools used to establish well-rounded connections with both associates and clients alike. There's also no denying the need to help the planet. Now you can combine your desire to make money with your green instincts by cutting travel time, reducing paper usage and saving thousands of dollars.

A Paperless Company

In an effort to include our clients in our own green practices, we invite them to take advantage of our emailed invoice service rather than paper. Your hassle-free invoices are made available online whenever you need them. Today's clients and employees both demand higher environmental standards and so do we. By employing our services, you're ensuring a more positive global impact as well as high-quality communication that will help your company achieve its fullest potential.

We're Saving Our Planet, You Can Help

Audio conferencing allows businesses to save money, time and energy in an era that demands every enterprise exhibits greener practices. By committing to our communication tools, your company earns one more notch in its green belt, giving you bragging rights and that competitive edge needed in today's green-crazed market. Clients and business associates will be encouraged and motivated by every step you take toward helping the planet's environment.